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Torrey Pines, Ca // Travel

I had the pleasure to visit San Diego twice in 2018, once in April and once in December. The first thing I wanted when I stepped off the plane was a Frozade Black Cherry infused Pink Lemonade with Boba from Lemonade. I had discovered this wonderful delight on my last trip and had been craving it ever since. I think it will become a new tradition that Lemonade will get the first place I go every time I fly into San Diego. Lemonade has multiple locations all over California and I would encourage anyone to stop by and try it.

Another trip tradition has been going on hikes. Last trip we hiked Cowles Mountain, it provided 360 views of the city but was quite the hike for this out of shape woman. This trip we decided on Torrey Pines, and it has become my new favorite hiking trail in San Diego.

Reasons why it was my favorite:

1. The hike was easy

2. The view was incredible

3. This time I was in better shape

4. I didn't feel like I died once I got to the top

I love living near the beach and though pretty, Virginia Beach's flat landscape just doesn't quite compare. California's cliffs provide views of the ocean that are unparalleled that simply leave me in awe. The weather being overcast allowed for some beautiful purples and warmness to shine through the images.

View from the top:

The view of the ocean from the ground is not bad either.



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