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Blackstone, VA // Travel

Updated: Aug 5, 2018

An accidental discovery.

I was suffering from a kidney infection and needed a break from the drive on our way to our anniversary weekend away. We pulled over at the next town which happened to be quaint little Blackstone, VA. Located in Nottoway County (about 50 miles southwest of Richmond) with a population a little under 4,000. The logo painted in the image above shows the town's incorporation date 1888, dark leaf tobacco which was essential to this town's economy, and Schwartz Tavern which is the oldest building in the town. The original village name was Black's and White's which came from the villages' rival taverns; Schwartz's name is similar to the German Schwarz or Black, and Mr. White's Tavern. Hence the colors in the painted logo above. The name was later changed to Bellefonte, then finally settled on Blackstone.

Once we pulled onto main street we were in awe of the architecture and preservation of an era this little town had accomplished. We took our time to stroll up and down main street, peeking in windows, taking photos, and had lunch at a restaurant. The Brew House restaurant is located at the old hardware store building and it's rustic interior decor paid homage to the building's past legacy. We also had dessert at The Classic Grill, a 60's style diner which almost made me want to believe I had gone back in time in this lovely little town. If you are nearby I would suggest you have a look yourself at what this town has to offer.



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