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Valentine's Day Tradition

Hi Friends!

Today I am featuring Cece's 4th Birthday Valentine's day session and will be talking about how my husband and I's Valentine's Day tradition came to be.

The first Valentine's Day Ash and I spent together as a couple was in the emergency room! I had been ill for a while and unable to identify what was wrong. Symptoms were extremely tired, sore throat, and pain in my side. After a few days I went to Patient First, their diagnosis (I kid you not) was that I was constipated. Neither Ash or I were convinced of that diagnosis. Ash did some research and believed what I had was mono. I went back to Patient First and requested a blood test for mono. I indeed had it. Within the next few days the exhaustion and dehydration had become too much, so on February 14th I was omitted to the ER with mono aka 'the kissing disease'. Oh, the irony.

A week or so later we finally celebrated Valentine's Day with a picnic at the park. The following years to come our tradition became to celebrate the day late.

Such an adorable ham!

Cece and her mom Jamie.

Jamie did such an awesome job decorating this birthday shoot.

Follow her blog at

Fascinated with the balloons.

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