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Melo Lion Mead

In March I was on the hunt for local Meaderies to try. This search landed me on the website of Melo Lion Meadery based out of Yorktown, VA. I scoured the website for a tasting room address to no avail. Not losing hope I jumped over to Facebook to dig deeper. Come to find out they don't have a tasting room yet, but do pop up tasting throughout the Hamptons Roads area. Scrolling down their Facebook page I came across a contest to name Melo Lion's newest summer release. The mead was going to be a Cherry & Blackberry flavor. I submitted the first thing that came to mind, 'Roaring Red'. A few days later I found out my name had been chosen and I would be receiving the very first bottle of Roaring Red and it would be signed by the Mazer, Zeb. Melo Lion even went out of their way to hand deliver the bottle to my home. I couldn't wait to try the mead but was definitely not drinking the bottle I won. I headed off to Grape & Gourmet to buy a bottle, but ended up with four. After trying all four of the meads, I without bias have to say Roaring Red is my favorite.

As I shared this story with others I realized not a lot of people knew what mead was.

HOW DO SO MANY PEOPLE NOT KNOW!! It's a crying shame! Mead is an alcoholic drink of fermented honey and water. Mead is thought to be the ancestor of all alcoholic beverages. The ancient Greeks referred to it as "nectar of the gods". If you have never tried it, I hope you will soon! You're missing out!

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