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Matt & Mellissa // Engagement


Matt & Melissa are regular clients of mine but this will be the first time you see them in front of my camera. They are both amazing Real Estate Agents who I have shot numerous properties for. If you follow my real estate photography on Instagram (ssphotography_realestate) you have likely seen many of their properties. Typically they are always running out of the shot or hiding just around the corner so I absolutely loved to focus my lens on these two wonderful people to shoot their engagement session.

They wanted a beach location for their session so they picked the Lynnhaven Inlet because it was near the Lesner Inn, where they will be getting married!!! I have never explored this area of Virginia Beach let alone shot a session there so I was very excited to discover and work in a new location. I really love exploring new areas because it allows me the opportunity to find new inspiration. After I explored the area I found so many gem spots that I knew would be the perfect setting for their engagement images.


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