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Josh & Taylor // Engagement

There is nothing quite like cherry blossoms and I'm so glad Taylor is someone who agrees. She reached out to me months prior to make sure her and Josh's engagement pictures would be taken during peak season. We both excitedly waited for what seemed like forever, but that day finally arrived and it was magical.

A little about the couple:

How and when did you meet?

"Josh and I met while working at Vans together in 2013. "

What are your favorite things to do together?

"We like watching sports together but we LOVE watching documentaries on any and all streaming sites. Mostly, true crime".

How would you describe your partner? What do you love about your partner? (Take turns answering)

"This is Taylor answering because I'm the one that handles these sort of things, haha.

Josh is an awesome partner. He's caring, supportive and he's a provider/protector. He has a very unique way of expressing these though and mostly through humor. It's my favorite thing about him though. He's funny and keeps things lighthearted when I typically can overthink and stress about things."

What is/are your favorite TV show(s) you watch together?

"Friends for our all-time favorite. Desperate Housewives is our current show."

Favorite drinks?

"His, El Guapo. Mine, Sangria or wine."

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