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Joe & Kaitlin // Engagement

Updated: Aug 5, 2018

When I received the session inquiry from Kaitlin, I shrieked out loud in public. Then I starting yelling "babe, BABE, BABBBBEE"! Once I had his attention I exclaimed the couple that won reached out!

BACKSTORY: At the end of January I had donated a portrait session to the Big Band Hanger Dance's silent auction and I'd been impatiently awaiting to hear from who won the session. By March I had convinced myself that no one bid on the session and that I was a huge failure. But I was wrong, someone did bid on the item I just had given up hope too soon.

If your trying to reach a goal or dream and your feeling discouraged let my story be an example. It might NOT be that you've failed, but that you have NOT been patient long enough. Even though it's a total cliche, I guess good things do come to those who wait.

(The Military Aviation Museum presents this fundraiser dance every year. The dance encourages vintage attire and provide music, dinner, and a silent auction. I wasn't able to attend but Joe & Kaitlin said it was a blast.)

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