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Hillary // Maternity

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

Hillary and Bobby are expecting their baby boy on July 4. This is their first time expecting so I wanted to have Hillary share a little about her experience being pregnant!


Tell me a bit about your pregnancy so far.

My pregnancy so far has been pretty great! Aside from some aches and pains, which I remind myself daily are only temporary, it has been an overall amazing experience knowing what my body is doing to grow a person!

What are some special moments that you will always remember?

Some of my most favorite moments have no doubt been the ones shared with my husband and family. Having them feel kicks and small movements for themselves has been really exciting! Whenever I have the music up or if I'm laughing loudly he starts to move around. It's an awesome feeling.

Any strong food cravings?

Not quite, but in the beginning nothing could satisfy me and I wanted to puke at the smell of cooking meat!

What are the colors of your nursery?

Blues, greys and earthy colors

Anything else you would like mentioned?

Having Suzanna take pictures of me while I'm pregnant was definitely fun and, in a way, enlightening! Recently I've been out of sorts because of the changes within my body, but she was very comforting which made me feel so great! It was a really nice experience!


You all, how sweet is she? Ahhh my heart!!!!! Thank you Hillary!

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