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Finding Friends

Let me introduce you to Aja Rae and her beautiful horse Elle by telling you the story about how we met.

One day I really needed a hair cut. My go to place was normally the closest Hair Cuttery, however that day a Facebook ad for Stiletto Salon popped up on my feed. The advertisement was just a simple picture of the salon but the color scheme and decor was so alluring that I decided I had to go. My first few appointments were so amazing I came to the conclusion that I could never go back to Hair Cuttery. Then came my first appointment with the wonderful Aja Rae. Getting a haircut went from being just another obligation to a gratifying experience. We hit if off right away and I remember thinking, "I'm gonna make her my friend." After a couple appointments we exchanged numbers and have been good friends ever since.

I find it so fascinating that you never know when or where you can find a new friend!

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