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CuteZcakes by Laura Zimmerman

I recently had the pleasure to meet and interview Laura Zimmerman the owner of CuteZcakes. I think her companies name is so cute and the story of it's origin even cuter. Originally her bakery was called 'Cupcake Cute Creations.' which derived from her daughter's stuff dog “cupcake cute”. However the name ended up being too much of a mouth full, this could partially be to blame due to the fact of having a mouthful of delicious cake. Laura decided to re-brand but keep the cute, the 'Z' comes from her last name Zimmerman, and cakes to portray the product. Laura found her love for baking 2 years after high-school when she worked in a bakery. Coincidentally that's where she met her husband who worked in the deli. Out of her love for baking Laura started making cakes for friends and families. After about 2 1/2 years she began advertising to the public and her business began to grow.

Laura's skills in decorating are self taught through Pinterest, Youtube, and trial and error. She makes a lot of event cakes for birthdays, showers, military events, and anniversaries. Though she is clearly talented enough she does not do wedding cakes at this time. White cake is the most popular, followed closely by chocolate; which always gets compliments for being deliciously moist, then almond cake, and strawberry. Laura enjoys branching out with the icing flavors too; Marsh-mellow buttercream, Caramel buttercream, and Cream Cheese icing just to name a few. Personally she prefers the taste of buttercream frosting but her kids love fondant. When I asked if she had a favorite from her many cakes she responded “It's hard to choose but one that comes to mind was a mermaid cake I made for a baby-shower. It was my first time trying that design and painting water colors onto the fondant. The whole cake was inspired from the baby-shower invitations.” Laura says she finds a lot of inspiration for creating her wonderful cakes by requesting an invitation for the event. I think this is such a creative method that adds a very delightful and personal touch to each cake she bakes.

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