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Crafted Stems Co. // Floral Workshop

Updated: Aug 5, 2018

I love flowers for multiple reasons.

1. I sold flowers every spring for 7 years. I loved getting to learn their names, what kind of sunlight they preferred, and how much water they needed.

2. They were my first 'subjects' to shoot as a young photographer. (Ask me and I may share some images from back in the day)

3. They are gorgeous! Who doesn't love them?

In light of the aforementioned reasons, you could say I was pumped to be shooting a floral workshop. Jessie, owner of Crafted Stems Co. was an incredible host and teacher. The majority of the flowers she purchases are local, including the few varieties she grows in her backyard! It was so fun watching the attendees learn how to build and arrange the floral centerpiece.

I love this statement that Jessie writes on her website:

"I have a heart for showing people the beauty of nature around them and our duty as humans to protect it. It’s my hope to buy land in the future to begin my own flower farm."

It was such a pleasure working with Jessie and I can not wait to visit her flower farm someday.

p.s. If you enjoyed these floral images as much as I enjoyed taking them, you should check out another blog post I did about a flower farm in CA. Click HERE.

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