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Cody & Amanda // Couple

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

One of the things I love most about being a photographer is hearing how couples met. Amanda and Cody’s story is as cute as they are and it all started when Cody noticed “some hottie” in a bunch of his high school friend Dannie’s Facebook feed. It just so happened he also would frequently see her in passing while attending ODU. Cody couldn’t help himself and started asking around about Amanda's relationship status, but unfortunately she was not available. A few months later Cody still couldn’t get Amanda off his mind and again asked her friends about her relationship status and heard the magical words he was waiting for... she was single! 

When Cody started pursuing Amanda she was not having it and made up the lamest excuses to avoid going on a date with him. One day Cody told Amanda he was throwing a Mardi Gras party at his house and Amanda finally caved because of her mom's encouragement to meet new friends. Cody had fully expected to be shot down again but to his surprise he now had a date as well as a party to plan because he in fact had not really planned a Mardi Gras party. Cody called all his friends and scrambled to pull out all the stops to make this party to happen for Amanda. Being the gentlemen that he is, Cody offered to come pick her up despite the hour drive. Though it probably served as a way just to bide the time and allow his friends to finish setting up, Amanda thought it was a very sweet gesture. That very night Cody knew who he had found in Amanda and told her that he was going to marry her. And as they say the rest is history.

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