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Bukovinsky // Family

I have gotten to know this family quite well over the last year as I nanny the kids Jon and Reagan. That made this session extra fun to photograph. Here are some fun tidbits about the kids!

A little about Reagan:

- Has aced every spelling test this year. She works very hard to learn her words

- Usually asks for a ponytail hair style, even though I always try to talk her into a "fancy" style

- Loves Lego Friends, wearing princess dresses, and watching morning cartoons

- Is enjoying taking dance lessons

- Makes friends where ever she goes

- Likes cereal for breakfast

A little about Jon-Jon:

- Loves playing Fornite. Always keeps me up to date on the latest prizes and things happening in the game even though I know nothing about it

- Sings in the backseat when a song comes on the radio that he likes

- Has spelling words that I can't even spell

- Plays baseball

- Loves his two dogs Skippy & Kahlua

- Currently growing his hair out

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